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NDEVA's Online Office provides a fast efficient on-line secretarial and PA service when you need it. Charging by the hour, we provide audio and copy typing, databases and spreadsheets, undertake market research, web design and artwork production etc.

You benefit from having efficient, trained staff, the latest technology and a wide range of up-to-date programs with savings of up to 30%.

NDEVA supplies a huge range of digital recorders and transcription equipment from all the major manufacturers. With our transcription experience we are in an unequalled position to offer you advice regarding recorders. We also aim to offer you the best prices in the UK so be sure to check here before going elsewhere as we will be able to save you money. NB: We also supply a full range of memory cards and peripherals for each device and can often source items even if they are not advertised on our web site.

Teleworking is an efficient way of balancing your workload whilst retaining the comforts of home and removing the need to commute. We have a great deal of practical experience in teleworking, the company having started life in 1995 as the Association of North Devon Teleworkers (hence the name N-DEVA). This part of the site is an information resource both for individuals looking to improve their working lifestyle or businesses seeking to humanise their attitude by offering employees teleworking opportunities.